3 Old Fashioned Rooftop Deck Design Ideas 3 Old Fashioned Rooftop Deck Design Ideas

Decorating your rooftop deck can be a fun, creative project that doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Adding a few key elements will create an environment that is relaxing, and a place that people will seek to soak up some sun and serenity. With some careful planning and creativity you can create such a space in the span of a weekend. Pick a design theme, and start hunting for pieces long before spring and summer. You will want to make sure that the rooftop deck is in good shape and is safe to use. After your initially create your space, you will enjoy adding little elements each season, and further developing on the design theme. Many plants can take several years to reach their full potential, so patience is key. If this is your first attempt at plants, do some research to see what will suit your lifestyle and commitment level. Adding a grill and some seating will create an outdoor room that will be enjoyed by all, and a great place to gather and spend time with friends and family.

Victorian Romance

Creating an enchanting space that reminds you of the romance and idealism of the Victorian era does not have to be difficult. Purchase various topiaries, potted roses and flowering plants. You can scour second hand stores for wrought iron or wicker furniture and plant stands that can be spruced up with some spray paint and new cushions or fabric. Arrange your new potted plants to create screened and protected areas and arbors. You may want to consider adding an archway with a bench in a corner for a relaxing reading place. Adding faux (or real, if you are so inclined) wrought iron fencing around the sides of the deck will lend authenticity to the overall feel of the space.

Zen Garden

Using flat rock and a bit of gravel, you can create paths and walkways around the deck. Add some plain wood benches, perhaps a fountain or two, and some green potted grasses to tie in the full effect of being transported to high Asian mountains. Think simplistic and serene. These materials you can also find and stockpile ahead of time, gathering materials at your own pace. With a zen garden, it is much more authentic if each piece is carefully thought out and chosen for it's specific beauty and appeal.

Country Charm

It is possible to create a country style garden on the roof top deck. Fill planters with potting soil and plant your favorite vegetables for enjoyment all summer long. Tomatoes are showy and delicious. Carrot tops bring lots of green. Green beans have adorable flowers and will climb railings and fences. Add some miniature white picket fencing around the edge of your planters for additional charm. Adding a gas or wood outdoor fire-pit adds an element of ambiance that will be enjoyed all summer. Bring in some Adirondack chairs and set them around the fire for complete relaxation.

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