3 Options for a Compact Shower Unit

If you want a second bathroom but don't have room or need for a tub, a compact shower unit can be installed.  Compact shower units can add style, function as a space saver or both when needed. You will appreciate the look and function the compact shower unit adds to your second or master bedroom bathroom. Shower kits are available for easy installation or you can custom design your own. A shower unit can fit any shape bathroom and any space you have whether it is a wall, corner or alcove.


Several shapes of compact shower units are available. Choosing the right one depends on the style and space you want and need. If you want a traditional look that can fit into a corner, a square shower unit. The corner, square-shaped unit is ideal for a small bathroom that does not have a separate tub or where the tub is the main focus of the bathroom. 

Another shape is the 3 sided or 5 sided neo-angle shower. The 3 sided unit is best installed in a corner to the 3 sides are open to allow for light and create a contemporary look. The 5 sided unit should be installed on wall. The 5 sides will create also create a contemporary or modern look and will allow light to pass through the entire unit, unlike corner showers.

If you only have a corner available but don't like the square or traditional look, then the round shaped shower unit is a viable option for you. The round unit give a more modern feel, allows light to pass through easily and fits your allowed space. Round units have a rounded door and are space efficient.


If you are purchasing a shower kit or designing your own through separate pieces, the compact shower unit allows for many style options. Because the units are enclosed, you are free to choose the type of wall you want, including color and texture.  You don't have to worry about the transition of the color or texture to the rest of the bathroom. You can purchase the walls in tile look-a-like, a multitude of colors and textured with detailed designs and built-in shelves. 


Styles available for compact shower units are framed and frameless. The terms refer to how the shower is supported. Framed shower units have a visible frame at each corner. If you need lightweight durability because of children or multiple people using the shower, a framed shower unit can provide it. Because the frame supports the structure, the doors and glass panels on framed showers are light, which also makes framed units less expensive than other options. Some drawback of this style are that the frame tracks promote mildew and they can require tedious cleaning if not kept up regularly.

Frameless until use only glass for construction. The framing is minimal or non-existent. The glass used on frameless showers is heavy, making it the more expensive style. The benefits of frameless shower units is that they are easy to clean and maintain. There are no small crevices for moisture to hide and grow mold or mildew. These units allow the most light in and provide a modern look.