3 Options for Burglar Alarms for Your Home

Burglar alarms are a popular defense mechanism against home intruders. While these alarms may not be able to completely stop a burglar from entering your home, they will provide you with knowledge of unlawful entries or entry attempts. They also oftentimes notify the police automatically, saving valuable time and helping to ensure that any burglar who does attempt to enter your home is caught before he can get away. It's important to consider carefully the best type of burglar alarm for your home based on your situation, as there are some that are better for those with families or frequent visitors.

1 - Self-Contained Systems

The most basic type of burglar alarm system is entirely self-contained. The alarm itself, as well as the control box and any other mechanisms, are all together in one area, usually on the front door. This type of system is a good choice for those looking for an economical way of protecting their property. However, at the same time, this type of system is less effective than some others, because it can be very easy for experienced burglars to locate the system and disable it, thereby eliminating any protection that you have.

2 - Battery-Operated Units

Battery-operated alarm system units are oftentimes installed on the front door only as well. These control systems are designed to be installed by anyone and require little to no expertise in alarming a home in order to set up. However, they have a few disadvantages as well.

  • They can be just as easy to dismantle and remove as they are to set up.
  • If the batteries should run out while the alarm is still in place, the alarm system itself will no longer work. While this is another inexpensive option, it requires careful monitoring periodically in order to be sure that it works properly.

3 - Entry Code Systems

One of the most popular alarm system setups is the door code system. In these systems, the alarm will remain armed when the front door is opened until a security code is put in successfully. Most provide you with a few seconds to input the code before the alarm is activated and the police or neighbors are notified. While these door alarms are beneficial because they typically have the different components set up in different places throughout the house, thereby making the alarm more secure, they are also not the best choice if you have frequent guests in your house or if you're prone to forgetfulness. It can be difficult or impossible to deactivate the alarm if you do not have the key, and guests or visitors may not even realize that there is an alarm to disable when they enter the home.

These are only a few of the most popular types of burglar alarm systems. There are new alarms being developed all of the time. Consult with a security specialist for more information.