3 Bathroom Wainscoting Alternatives

If you want to create a unique bathroom, consider these wainscoting ideas. Wainscoting, which is the application of decorative material to the bottom portion of a wall, generally extends 3-feet from the floor. Common materials are wood or tile. If you want to do something different, try these alternate applications.

Bamboo and Grass Cloth

For an island or beach look, line the walls with grass cloth and trim them with bamboo poles that have been split in half. Use finishing nails to attach the bamboo to the wall.


For an eco-chic look, take cork tiles and adhere them to the wall. You can easily cut them to size with a utility knife. You can line the top with tile or a wood chair rail.


If you want to add some color, use moisture-tolerant outdoor fabric to upholster the walls. Start by stapling upholstery batting to the wall. Next staple the fabric over the batting. Use a wood chair rail to hide the staples. You can glue decorative trim to cover the staples on the bottom.

Using everyday materials in new and interesting ways is the key to creating a unique space. With a little imagination and creativity, you can adapt other materials in similar ways for wainscoting.