3 Patio Privacy Ideas

A patio offers an outdoor space that is both comfortable and useful, but patio privacy issues can be a concern, especially if it is exposed to neighbors or the street. You may want to look into some patio privacy ideas so you can tastefully conceal what is effectively a room of your home. Walls, fences and plants are your three best bets when you want to privatize your patio. From this article you will learn some basic information about your options.

Patio Wall

Consider a patio privacy wall to separate your patio from neighbors’ eyes. A wall can be something permanent or removable. Think of a removable patio wall more like a barrier that can be folded up and stored when need be. Permanent patio walls would need to be framed in, requiring either a contractor or some extra do-it-yourself skills, but it is certainly a viable option. A patio wall will enclose your patio and make it more private. Because it is solid, however, it might make it feel smaller than it is. Constructing a wall on one side to block the view from outside would privatize it without making it feel cramped.

Patio Fence

Another option is to install a patio privacy fence. A fence can be slatted, latticed or otherwise partially open. This will not only reduce the cramped feeling, but give it added character. Fence construction will require some framing as well, but there will be fewer materials to contend with. Like a wall, a patio fence need only be installed on the sides exposed to public view. It is not as if the patio must be completely fenced off. Fences, like walls, allow for the growth of attractive vine and climbing plants that can add to its decorative value. Consider a bamboo fence for a particular look and feel.

Patio Plants

A third option for patio privacy is plants. Plants, when large enough, can completely conceal a patio from outside view. Not only that, but you don’t have the feeling of closing off your patio. Rather, it is like you are disguising it while making a secret enclave for your use. You can put plants in with large pots or, if there is arable soil surrounding it, you can plant them in the ground. That will take at least a year, if not longer, so perhaps your best bet is to use potted plants that are already of a certain height.

Concealing your patio from outside view need not be a difficult chore. You have several options, whether you use a fence, wall or plants. While it serves to privatize your patio, it will also increase its aesthetic appeal, creating a space that is more attractive from both outside and within.