3 Patio Swing Canopy Styles to Consider 3 Patio Swing Canopy Styles to Consider

The style of patio swing canopy that you select reflects your personal style. There are several patio swing canopy styles that a patio swinger owner can choose from. The style that is best suited for the patio swing depends on what a homeowner wants and what best compliments there patio swing.

Different types of patio swing canopies include those that are retractable shade, gazebo style, and patio umbrellas. Although this is not an exhaustive list of patio swing canopies that are available, they represent varying types of canopies that can be used by a homeowner.

Retractable Shade Patio Swing Canopy

A retractable shade canopy is one that can be folded up or retracted when not in use. It is easy to install by a homeowner and adds a great amount of flexibility in its style and use.  Retractable shade canopies are good for do-it-yourselfers and individuals who enjoy creating their own look.

Gazebo Style Patio Swing Canopy

A gazebo can also be used as a patio canopy. A gazebo is a structure, usually made out of wood or vinyl that has a roof. Placing a swing inside the gazebo will allow the roof to serve as a canopy and provide protection from the elements. This type of patio canopy is more elaborate that other types of patio canopies and will cost more to implement. The benefit of a gazebo style patio swing canopy is that it is a solid structure. The disadvantage however is that a gazebo is a permanent structure that is more expensive to build.

Patio Umbrellas

A patio canopy can be accomplished through the use of an oversized umbrella. The patio umbrella can be placed easily over the swing and provide some relief from the elements. Although a patio canopy that is made with an umbrella may not provide complete shade or relief like a gazebo or retractable shade, it is a less expensive alternative and can be the easiest to implement.

Determining the Best Style Canopy for a Patio Swing

The different styles of patio swing canopies are as varied as the styles of the patio swing owner. The motivating factor that determines the style is the homeowner and what they are looking to accomplish in terms of look and function. A patio swing that needs to be housed in a more permanent structure and does not need to be constantly adjusted would best be housed in a gazebo. A homeowner that has a need to constantly adjust or move the canopy in order to take advantage of different views or weather conditions may be able to get by with an oversized umbrella.

Visiting a home improvement center or home and garden store will give a patio swing owner an opportunity to see the different style of canopies that are available. By doing this in person, a homeowner can ask questions of the center or store’s employees and look at other samples to come up with ideals that best work in their home and with their patio swing.

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