3 Pet-Friendly Room Area Rugs 3 Pet-Friendly Room Area Rugs

Room area rugs, if in high traffic areas used by pets, can quickly break down, looking messy and dirty, and falling to pieces.

Carpeting can be one of the most difficult things to keep looking fresh if you share your place with some furry tenants. But don't worry, there are several very pet friendly options, and your pets will definitely prefer them to your bare floor. Any rug you consider should be durable if your pet will be spending time on it. A dark color will hide stains, dirt and hair better than a light choice. You'll want to look for material that can be easily cleaned or hosed off if possible.

Pet-Friendly Area Room Rugs

  • Bamboo - Bamboo is a durable, sustainable and chic pet-friendly option. It comes in different colors and textures. It's easily vacuumed. Any messes can be wiped clean with a cloth and dried with a fan or hair dryer. To resist wear, rotate the rug every so often.
  • Seagrass - Functional, stylish and hearty, seagrass is smooth and naturally stain resistant. Plus it won't "shed" or collect hair like a fabric rug might.
  • Derclon - Derclon is a wool-like synthetic fiber that is stain resistant because it is non-porous. It's quite durable and also retains its color very well. This fiber will also not "shed".


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