3 Pipe Guard Installation Tips

Pipe guard is a convenient way to protect you and your family from coming into contact with exposed wires or pipes. They are easy to mount and install, while being very effective. There are a few things you can do to make the process easier not only for installation, but also for future repairs.

Tip 1: Make Sure to Keep all Screws and Clamps Easy to Get

As you install the pipe guard, do your best to keep screws and clamps easy to get to for easy access later. This will prevent you from having to remove parts around the screws later if you ever need to do work on the wires or pipes. Make sure that the screws are still secure, but make them easy to access.

Tip 2: Use "Moldable" Clamps for Curved Pipes and Wires

By using clamps that are flexible, you can use less space when you are covering wires and pipes that are curved in the room. You can also use these on hot water coolers and other appliances for extra protection.

Tip 3: Use a Plastic Hammer

If you need to get the pipe guard into place, use a plastic hammer instead of a conventional hammer. This will allow you to keep the pipe guard in good condition.