3 Places Your Television Wall Mounts Should Not Go

While television wall mounts are not usually included with flat screen, high definition and/or plasma screen TVs, they are nonetheless required in order to affix the screen to a wall. Flat screen televisions can weigh quite a lot in which case a very durable, heavy duty mount is needed. The stronger the mount, the higher the cost. Wall mounts can cost up to $500, but they are well worth their price, being of a very high quality. TV wall mounts should not be installed just anywhere, though. For both practical and aesthetic reasons, there are some places they should not go.

Where not to Install a Television Wall Mount

Garishly Adorned Walls: Loudly painted or wallpapered walls are not among the best places for mounting your TV. The decorations will actually detract from your ability to watch TV, for you eye will constantly wander from the screen.

In Between Studs: Practically speaking, wall mounts for televisions need a wall stud onto which to attach. If you neglect this requirement, your TV may come crashing down, ruining the wall and the TV.

On a Wall with Little Glare: Wherever you mount your TV, be sure you’re happy with its location, otherwise you will have to undergo the whole process again. Don’t mount it on a wall that receives a lot of natural light from the setting sun or else you will have glare issues.

These are just a few tips when choosing where to mount your new flat screen TV. In addition, make sure you aren’t drilling into any electrical wires when you install the mount.