3 Pool Deck Ideas for Wood Pool Decks

If you want to improve the look of your wood pool deck, there are several great pool deck ideas that you can use. You do not have to limit your pool deck to a place to hang out after swimming. There are other ways you can transform your wooden pool decks.

1. Outdoor Dining Area

Aside from using your wood pool deck as an area to relax after a day of swimming, you can transform this area as an outdoor dining area. Who doesn’t enjoy a BBQ party? Create your pool deck into a comfortable outdoor dining area by placing wooden tables and chairs. Add some pillows for color.

2. Outdoor Living Space

Create a serene outdoor living space on your wood pool deck. Make it an extension of your living space. You can hang some sheer curtains to divide the pool deck from the pool area for some privacy but still allowing light to come through. Place a lounge chair or a small comfortable sofa on the deck. Hang some cool chandeliers to provide extra lighting as well.

3. Game Area

If you do not have enough space inside your home for a game room, then you can always bring it outside onto your wood pool deck. This way, you can control the noise during game night and any clutter. Divide the space into specific game areas. Allocate a space for board games or place a big pinball machine on one side. Make sure that you provide seating as well. Small chairs or lounge chairs are suitable. You can even place a bar top and stool in another area where guests can dine as well.