3 Popular Ceramic Tile Counter Pattern Ideas

tiles with colorful patterns

You can design a ceramic tile counter pattern that both expresses your tastes and complements your kitchen décor. Ceramic tile is an inexpensive material that is available from many retail outlets. It comes in many varieties, enabling you to create a range of looks, from country to upscale.


Creativity is essential when you are designing a pattern for your tile counter. Create some interest by adding random contrasting color tiles to a solid color pattern or by using two or three colors in repeating patterns. Bright hues and metallic tones are popular as well as retro and pop art designs. The popular colors from the 60s and 70s are also in style. Whatever colors you choose, be sure that they complement or contrast each other but never clash.

black and white tile pattern


A popular trend in ceramic tile is four tile patterns. The four tiles are placed on the counter top so that they create a larger square shape. There is no space allowed between the tiles in order to make the pattern seamless. Many of these patterns use just two contrasting colors like black and white.


Some homeowners use the expertise of professional to create and install a mosaic pattern on their counter tops. The patterns are either prefabricated or pieced together individually.