3 Popular Decorative Railing Ideas 3 Popular Decorative Railing Ideas

When installing a decorative railing on your deck, you have many design choices. The three popular designs described below will give you a good starting point in approaching your railing project. Each option will give you the safety you expect from a railing as well as aesthetic appeal.

1 – Wooden Fencing

Making use of wooden fencing is an easy way to create a decorative railing for a deck. In addition to deciding the shape of the slats, you will be able to choose the color that best suits your deck and garden. The wood can be either treated with varnish to reveal the grain or painted the desired color.  

2 – Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is an ideal material to form a decorative railing, as it can be formed into a variety of shapes. Decorative elements, such as twisted posts, which can alternate with straight ones, and welded circles between posts can help form a pleasantly unusual railing. Iron also allows for custom elements, such as initials or wording.   

3 – Lattice Fencing

Lattice fencing can enhance a railing. You can use lattice to decorate the railing by allowing it to support the growth of flowers and other plants along the railing.

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