3 Popular Motorhome Painting Designs 3 Popular Motorhome Painting Designs

Whether you are looking for a new look for your motorhome or restoring a motorhome, deciding on which motorhome painting design to choose is an important, and oftentimes difficult decision. There are three very popular choices among motorhome owners including a factory design, a mural, and a team or flag design.

1. Factory Design

If simplicity is what you enjoy, choosing a factory design is what you want. These designs are clean, simple and slightly abstract. Designs typically consist of swipes, streaks or lines. Color is an important aspect of the design and factory designs try to keep colors to low-key colors like gold, cream, silver or black.

2. Mural Design

Choosing a mural for your motorhome painting is a unique way to paint your motorhome. These designs are original ideas that come from the vehicle owner. By choosing a mural, your motorhome will shine with individuality and uniqueness.

3. Flag Design

An important aspect of motorhome painting is allowing your passions to flow from the painting. The most efficient and effective way for this to occur is to paint a flag or sport's team design on your motorhome. Whether it is your favorite race car number, or the flag of your country, choosing this way to paint your motorhome will ooze with creativity and personality.

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