3 Popular Swing Arm Desk Lamp Styles

folded up office table arm lamp

Everyone is sure to recognize a swing arm desk lamp when they see one. The classic lamp for a desk, a swing arm desk lamp is one that has a long arm that bends at about the halfway point to allow for easy adjustment of light. Available in a variety of styles and with many different features, these lamps are great for someone that works at their desk all day, as they can provide targeted light by simply adjusting the arm. Here are three popular swing arm desk lamp styles:

1. Student Model Swing Arm Desk Lamp

The popular student model swing arm desk lamps are what most people would be familiar with. They are generally made of metal in a variety of colors and have a spring loaded swing arm. These desk lamps often double as a storage compartment on the base for storage of miscellaneous office supplies, making it perfect for saving space.

Newer models of these desk lamps can be compatible with compact fluorescent bulbs. If you are interesting in a significant cost savings and extending the life of your bulb, look into one of these models. The savings on power alone in the first year can more than make up for additional cost of compact fluorescent bulbs.

extended arm table lamp

2. Clamp-On Swing Arm Desk Lamp

This desk lamp in similar in style to the student model, but instead of a base, it simply clamps on to the desk, saving valuable space. Also considered a craft or drafting lamp, these typically have heavy duty hardware and are great for a project that requires more space.

3. Decorative Swing Arm Desk Lamps

On the higher end, swing arm desk lamps can be very elegant for an antique desk or even a piano. Models with stunning stained glass lampshades and arms made of bronze are perfect for a more contemporary décor. Additionally, there are double swing arm desk lamps that are great for ideal light adjustment.

Shop around online and at your local home decorating store to find a model that suits your purpose. Whether you are writing, doing crafts or just relaxing, a swing arm desk lamp can be a great solution for your room.