3 Possible Reasons for Loud Noises in a Central Air Conditioner Unit

If your home features a central air conditioner unit that has been making loud noises, it is important that you be able to properly diagnose the cause. Below is a list of common reasons behind loud central air conditioner unit noises.

1.) The Compressor is Warming Up

If you notice a loud noise shortly after turning on your central air conditioner unit, this may be due to the fact that the device's compressor needs a bit of time to warm up, especially if the AC unit hasn't been used for a while. If the noise goes on for longer than a few minutes, however, the source of the problem may lie elsewhere.

2.) Low Freon Levels

Another common cause of loud AC noises is low freon levels. If you suspect this to be the problem, you will need to call in an air conditioning specialist, as any task pertaining to freon should only be handled by people trained in air conditioner repair.

3.) Loose Parts

One of the most common causes of loud air conditioner noises is loose parts. This problem is particularly common in older units and can be easily fixed by an AC repairman. By extension, the source of the noise could also be a worn-out or defective part within the device.