3 Practical Solutions for Tree Roots in Pipes 3 Practical Solutions for Tree Roots in Pipes

The growth of roots in pipes can cause a great deal of problems, from slow running water to complete blockages. Being aware of the best ways to rectify the problem will help you to maintain your pipes so that water can always drain properly.

1 - Drain Auger

A drain auger is a device that can be worked into the pipes from the plughole and are available in a range of lengths. The best ones will be on a spool which will make it easy to extend it deeper into the pipe. By sliding it back and forth, you will be able to dislodge the root in the pipes.

2 - Chemical

There are a range of chemicals on the market that can be used to remove blockages including roots in pipes. The severity of the problem will determine which type is used, but you will find that a substance such as caustic soda will break up the roots so that they can be flushed away.

3 - Replacement

In the event that tree roots in the pipes have caused damaged to the structure of them, it will be necessary to replace them to ensure that the plumbing system remains effective.

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