3 Proper Maintenance Tips for Granite Showers

The bathroom is one of the most common household renovations and granite showers are a popular choice. Granite is an beautiful, very hard stone that shows flecks of mica and quartz. Most granite used in home applications is polished to the point where the quartz and mica shine resulting in subtle sparkles in the surface. Even though granite in showers is very durable it can still stain. Granite showers need regular  maintenance because mildew, hard water and soap scum can all degrade the appearance of the granite. The following granite maintenance tips will keep your shower area looking new for years to come.

Never Forget to Seal Granite Showers

It seems like something that should just be considered important and done without any nudging. Many people think that their granite showers are already sealed when they are installed but that is usually not the case. When granite showers are not sealed the water and soap can easily work their way into the porous granite. This can cause staining and can also allow water to seep in between the granite and the physical wall which can damage the wall. Sealing the granite is simple and the correct product can be purchased from nearly any home improvement store. Granite showers can be sealed with a spray sealer. Read the instructions on the bottle of granite sealer before putting it to use.

Prevent the Gathering of Mildew, Hard Water and Soap Scum

Many think that because granite showers get wet and soaped up you do not have to clean them. The fact is that prolonged exposure to soap and water will cause the sealer on the granite to degrade and will eventually stain and damage the granite. Once a week the granite should be sprayed down with white vinegar mixed with water and then squeegeed.

Never Go Generic

You can clean granite showers with any cleaning solution on the market but that does not mean that they will be good for the life of the granite. Harsh chemicals, like bleach, can damage and erode granite. It is important to note that when you clean granite showers as part of their normal maintenance that you stay away from harsh cleaning supplies. They may cost a little more money but purchasing cleaning supplies that are made for stone, rock, marble or granite specifically is the best choice.