3 Pros and Cons of a Basket Weave Fence

A basket weave fence uses strips of material (typically wood or vinyl that looks like wood) that overlap each other to create a completely opaque wall, fencing in your property in such a way that no one can see inside. This type of fence offers maximum privacy, especially when built to a great height. However, depending on your needs as a property owner, there are pros and cons to building a basket weave fence. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Pro: Easy to Build

Basket weave fences are very easy to build. You need simple materials and don’t have to worry about rails or picks.

2. Con: Stress on the Wood

On the other hand, the overlapping weave of the basket weave design puts more stress on the wood planks than usual. You have to make sure to use a high quality, flexible, knot-free wood, otherwise the boards can crack under pressure. Don’t use common treated wood, either, which is highly prone to warping and twisting over time.

3. Pro: Aesthetically Pleasing Privacy

When done correctly, a basket weave fence can give you privacy without sacrificing on the aesthetics; the pattern can look truly beautiful. Furthermore, the fence protects you from any passerby’s private eyes, but the pattern still allows air to come through the slats in the wood, meaning you aren’t deprived of cool summer breezes.