3 Quick Tips for Using a Biscuit Joiner 3 Quick Tips for Using a Biscuit Joiner

A biscuit joiner is a special piece of equipment designed to cut slots for joining parts of a cabinet. A biscuit is a small wood disc that is pressed into a shape like a football. Biscuits are inserted inside the slots by the use of wooden glue, and the moisture of this glue makes the biscuit expand, eventually causing the joint to tighten up. A biscuit joiner is not that complicated to use, and you can follow the tips below to use them properly and like a professional.

Determining the Right Positioning

First, make sure that the surfaces you are about to join are flat on the floor and perfectly fit together. Put the pieces of wood on top of your work area in the same position that they will be joined. Use a pencil to mark both of them at the side of the joint, at right angles to the lines where they are supposed to touch, resulting for the mark to go across the two pieces.

Separate the two pieces, and use the straight-edge to expand the marks you have made from the outer part into the joint area. Apply the same procedure to the other piece. Decide how far from the rim to begin the slot, and plot that distance on its total line for each piece. You can make the cut on the slot from there.

Making the Right Measurements for Depth

Each cut you make from your biscuit joiner should be approximately half the biscuit’s width. This is to make sure that the biscuit completely seals once you put the pieces together. Remember if you cut the pieces too shallow, these pieces will not be able to join together. On the other hand, when the cut you made is too deep, the joint is going to be weak.

The best thing to do to achieve the perfect cut is to test your cuts on a scrap wood. Mark the test biscuit using a pencil as it stays put on the slot while you adjust your blade shallower or deeper as deemed. Next, put the biscuits inside the provided slots without applying glue, by first making sure that the pieces are joined together perfectly and the biscuit will not have enough room to move around.

Putting the Pieces Together

Put some glue to both holes and into the biscuit. You can begin by applying a small amount of glue on one slot cut and use a small brush (artist’s brush) or a cotton swab to push the glue down further to the hole. Apply the same procedure to the other hole and swab a small amount of glue on the half part of the biscuit, and put the unglued part on the slot. Now, put some glue on the other half of your biscuit that is sticking out of the wood. Clamp both of the pieces together allowing enough time for the glue to dry.

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