3 Reasons an Airbag Warning Light May Come On

The airbag warning light on your vehicle is located on your dashboard. Because your airbags will not deploy when this light is on, it's essential that you get the problem diagnosed and fixed immediately. You may discover that one of the following caused the light to go on:

1. The Clock spring has Worn Down

The clock spring is an essential part of the airbag system that connects the airbags to the car's electrical system and gives them the necessary power to deploy in the event of a collision. If your clock spring has worn down or become disconnected, your airbag warning light will turn on until this problem is repaired.

2. A Sensor in Your Seat Belt Fastener is Broken

Some vehicles require the airbag system to know that you are properly buckled in before they will deploy the airbag in a crash. If the senor in your seat belt buckle fastener has stopped sending signals, even when your seat belt is buckled, the airbag warning light on your vehicle may stay lit.

3. The Wires have been Jostled

If you recently installed anything new in the dashboard or stereo area, it's possibly you jostled some of the wires necessary to properly run the airbag system. This may be the problem if the airbag warning light went on shortly after your installation.