3 Reasons Engine Mounts Break Down

Engine mounts stabilize and align the vehicle's engine. The engine mount might break down for a variety of reasons. Engine mounts are used to stabilize the motor so that it operates properly inside the vehicle. Mounts that have been improperly installed, are worn or defective from the manufacturer, or have aged are prone to break down. When a motor mount breaks down it results in an expensive repair or can lead to severe damage to the car.

1. Improper Installation of the Engine Mount

A car engine.

A car that needs to have motor mounts installed should be taken to a qualified service center that has the proper equipment, such as an engine puller, to make the repair. It is possible to improperly install the engine mounts which will lead to their eventual breakdown and failure.

2. Worn or Defective Engine Mounts

An engine.

On rare occasions, the engine mounts that you purchase from a manufacturer are worn or defective. You can check for any service bulletins to determine if the mounts that you are purchasing have been subject to a recall notice.

3. Aging Engine Mounts

An engine.

A sign that the engine mount has aged and is subject to breaking down is the way the engine wobbles or shakes. This indicates that the engine mounts are coming loose or are on the verge of breaking down. They should be replaced immediately in order to avoid any breakdown.