3 Reasons Not to Install a Shower Pump

While you might think a shower pump will give you the super high-flow, fast, hot shower you dream of, it is not the answer to every flow or hot water volume problem. Here are 3 important reasons not to install a shower pump.

1. Combination Boiler Water Heater

If you have a combination boiler and water heater, do not install a shower pump. The added pressure may cause pipes to burst. Instead, upgrade your 80,000 BTU combination boiler to a 100,000 or 120,000 BTU unit. Alternatively, to increase your supply of hot water from a combination boiler, add a separate hot water storage tank to increase capacity.

2. Cold and Hot Water Pipes and Tank are Both Below the Shower

If your cold water intake is located below your shower unit, there is no need to install a shower pump. Check that the path from the hot water unit to the shower is mostly vertical without a long horizontal pipe run. Adjusting the slope of the pipes can provide increased water pressure for your shower.

3. Shower Head

If your shower head has tiny holes that deliver mist, change the shower head to a model with bigger water holes for a steady stream of water. If family members prefer different water pulses, invest in an adjustable shower head.