3 Reasons Not to Install a Submersible Well Pump

A submersible well pump works on a different principle than regular jet pumps. Instead of pulling water, it pushes it from the bottom of the well up. This is considered more efficient, but it can lead to a few different problems. Here’s why installing a submersible well pump can be a poor choice.

1. Cleaning and Maintenance

The pump is situated at the bottom of the well. Any time it needs to be cleaned and maintained it will have to be manually removed and raised to ground level. This can be especially problematic when dealing with large heavy pumps in deep wells. The pump has to be guided up without allowing it to hit the walls which can potentially damage it.

2. Dealing with the Power Cable

Having the pump at the bottom of the well means you have to deal with having a power cable that’s as least as long as the well is deep. In addition, the cable needs to be well insulated and waterproof. Any changes or maintenance of the power cables automatically implies having to raise the pump to ground level.

3. Wider, More Expensive Well Casing

This is especially a problem when dealing with large pumps. The casing has to be wide enough to fit the pump through, which means a wider diameter for the hole. This in turns leads to spending more in digging a wider hole.