3 Reasons Not to Install Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are also called electromagnetic and are a form of electronic lock. They are supposedly easier to install than conventional locks which can be deceptive and lead to bad installations or maintenance. Here are a few disadvantages of having electromagnetic locks.

1. Risks of Accidents and Fire Hazards

Improperly installed locks on something like sliding doors for example, can lead to accidents or doors falling on people. They can also be a problem in case of fire because the doors can’t be operated manually. This has lead fire marshals to impose strict regulations on installing electronic locks at key exits of a building.

2. They Require a Continuous Power Source

In order to stay locked, an electronic lock requires a continuous source of power. They don’t require a lot of power to operate, but without a power source they will not remain locked. The alternative to this, called electric strikes, remains locked when losing power but can be very problematic and create a hazard during a fire. Some magnetic locks come with batteries as a back up for power outages which can last for a few hours.

3. Higher Costs than Regular Locks

Both purchasing and installing a magnetic lock rather than a regular lock will cost you more and magnetic locks will have an annual electricity bill. The estimated cost of a conventional lock is about 10 times less than that of an electromagnetic lock.