3 Reasons not to Install Metal Corner Guards 3 Reasons not to Install Metal Corner Guards

When it comes to protecting cabinets, corner guards are a popular option. Many manufacturer's make use of metal-corner guards for many styles of cabinets. Many homeowners end up changing these metal-corner guards because of the looks or because they want to change the look of their kitchen. If you are doing a kitchen renovation and want to add corner guards to your cabinets, here are some reasons not to install metal guards.

1. Rust and Scratch

Metal corner guards will begin to rust a few years after installation. This is especially true when they are near the stove or the kitchen sink. This rust does not look very good if they are not painted over.

2. Bulky and Out of Place

A metal corner guard is not going to tie into the overall look of the kitchen. A wooden cabinet with metal corner guards is definitely going to look funny. Some of the metal guards are also quite bulky and change the overall look of the cabinet.

3. Holds Water

Metal corner guards are also detrimental to the overall strength of the cabinet as it holds the water in close to the wooden cabinet. As the steam cools off and beads up on the metal guards they can leak under the guard and rot out the corners of the cabinet. The metal guard then hides this damage which can lead to the bottom falling out of the cabinet.

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