3 Reasons Not to Re-Brew Coffee in a Coffeemaker

Coffee being brewed.

Coffeemakers are very popular appliances in the home. For many people, the first thing they do each morning is brew a pot of coffee. However, re-brewing coffee is not advisable. Here are some reasons not to re-brew coffee in a coffeemaker.

1. Grounds in Coffee

Coffee brewing is, to some people, an art. They buy the best coffee that they can for a great cup. Re-brewing coffee will circulate the old coffee grounds and deposit them in your coffee cup.

2. Less Flavor

Once the coffee has been brewed the first time it will actually take the flavors of the coffee grounds out as the water passes through it. This makes for a great tasting cup of coffee. When you re-brew the same coffee grounds there is a flat, almost stale taste to the coffee.

3. Causes Excessive Cleaning

Once you have brewed the coffee the first time, pouring it back into the coffeemaker a second time will cause it to clog up the coffeemaker. Cold coffee is thicker than water. It will not move easily through the system and will leave unpleasant deposits in your machine. When it gets to the filter it will sit longer and cause it to overflow.