3 Reasons Not to Use a Plastisol Adhesive

Plastisol adhesive is constructed out of plastics which are heated and melted. The most common plastisol adhesive you will find on the market are glue sticks. Unfortunately, plastisol adhesive does not make for a good bond on most materials. The article below will share some of those reasons with you.

1. Melts at High Temperatures

Plastisol adhesive, being made out of plastic, does not hold up well in extremely high heat. For example, you cannot use plastisol adhesive to mend clothing and then wash and dry the article. The adhesive would melt and ruin the bond.

2. Smolders and Burns

The last thing you want is an adhesive that can potentially be a fire hazard. Unlike other adhesives, plastisol will not simply dissolve or lose its ability to bond if it is exposed to extreme temperatures. Plastisol will actually begin to smolder, become superheated, and then catch on fire. Even if it does not, it can drip onto flammable materials that could catch fire.

3. No Commercial Use

The only thing that plastisol adhesive is good for is non-commercial applications. Due to its limitations, it is mostly only suitable for crafting projects. Paper and plastic bonding are good examples of where plastisol adhesive can be used effectively. It can also be used on cloth for temporary fixes.