3 Reasons to Bury Your Gutter Downspout

If your gutter downspout is draining rainwater too close to your foundation or you want to find a new way to channel it, consider burying the downspout. Rather than let the water slowly chip away at the concrete foundation of your home and waste the water, use a downspout to properly move and store the water. Burying your downspout is useful for 3 reasons. First, you can redirect water away from your home; second, you can help rainwater more effectively reach the storm drain; and third, you can irrigate with it. 

Channel Water Away from Foundation

Water that just pools up when it comes through the downspout seeps into the ground and slowly works on your home’s foundation. If you bury your downspout sloping downhill and away from your home, you redirect this water to protect the integrity of the concrete support. 

Run it to the Storm Drain

Likewise, channeling falling rainwater so it reaches the storm drain instead of saturating your lawn can be accomplished by burying the downspout and sending water in a particular direction. 


A third reason to bury your downspout is to irrigate vegetable or flower gardens. Attach the end of the buried downspout to a soaker hose and bury it as well. Your garden will be watered at root level, and the plants will thrive.