3 Reasons to Choose a Single Stage Coil AC over a Dual Stage One

When it comes to choosing an air conditioner you have the option of a single stage coil AC or a dual stage one. Many people prefer the single stage coil air conditioner for a variety of reasons. If you are looking for a new air conditioner unit, here are some reasons to choose the single stage coil AC. 

1. Better Energy Economy

One of the differences between the single stage coil and the dual stage one is in the length of time the system runs. With the single stage coil, the air conditioner will deliver the same amount of airflow no matter what the temperature is. A dual stage will run longer if the temperature dips below the thermostat as it is running. 

2. Better Elimination of Humidity

With the single stage coil AC you are able to get rid of the moisture in a room in a more efficient manner. Because the airflow is more consistent the amount of humidity that is removed is also more consistent. 

3. Less Expensive Unit

A single stage coil AC is most commonly found in a basic window air conditioner or a small one-ton central air conditioning unit. This means that the initial cost of the unit is much less than a large 3-ton model. If you own a small home, or just want localized cooling, the smaller unit makes more sense.