3 Reasons to Consider Home Paper Shredders as Part of a Home Office

Home paper shredders allow you to shred documents in your home office. Although not as heavy-duty as large office shredders, there are a number of reasons to consider adding a home paper shredder to your home office.

1. Protect Your Identity and Sensitive Information

An easy way for a criminal to perpetrate identity theft or to gain access to sensitive material, such as bank statements, paycheck stubs, investment statements and the like is to rifle through garbage. Whether in your neighborhood or at the dump, you never know who will have access to your trash once you've thrown it out. Home paper shredders allow you to toss out these sensitive documents without posing any financial or identity risk.

2. Make Inexpensive Packing Material

Using home paper shredders to shred scrap paper will allow you to make inexpensive packing material for shipping items, gift wrapping and putting together baskets and other crafts. This is cheaper than purchasing packing peanuts and tissue paper and less wasteful as well. You'll be reusing paper you'd otherwise throw out, but you'll also refrain from purchasing products made with foam and additional paper.

3. Save Space

Home paper shredders are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. They can even be small enough to fit atop your desk. Since paper shredders needn't take up much space in your home office, the convenience is worth any potential drawbacks.