3 Reasons to Consider Installing Dimmer Switches in the Great Room

The great room in a home is typically characterized by a number of large windows. Installing a dimmer switch in this area is a simple project that will provide a number of benefits.

1. Less Light Needed During a Clear Day

Because large windows are often the focal point of a great room, you'll be letting in a lot of natural light into this area. However, the light may not be quite enough to help you see what you're doing. Having a dimmer switch allows you to turn on some indoor lighting but not at full power.

2. More Light Needed at Night and on Cloudy Days

While you want a dimmer switch in your great room in order to use a limited amount of artificial lighting during a clear day, at nighttime and during overcast days, you'll need more light in the room in order to see what you're doing. Having a dimmer switch allows you to add additional light when necessary.

3. You'll Save Money and Waste Less Energy

Because you'll have the indoor lighting set at a low level on clear, sunny days, you'll save money and waste less energy. The weaker your indoor lighting, the less power it will draw and the less you'll be charged for having the lights on.