3 Reasons To Get A Garage Parking Mat

garage parking mat

Ugly oil stains are just one of three reasons to get a garage parking mat. A mat for your garage floor can add years to the life of your concrete and even make your garage a safer place.

1. Protecting Your Concrete

Over time, cars can leak fluid like oil and anti-freeze onto concrete. These stains damage the look and value of your home. While it might seem like a small thing, prospective buyers might see such stains as devaluation of a home. Using a car mat is a proactive step to keeping your garage floor clean and marketable.

2. Contributing to Your Safety

An inexpensive parking mat can be one of the best investments in your family’s safety. Many mats are designed with colorful variegated tread which protects against slipping while remaining eye-catching. Other mats are designed with a felt topping which offers a soft area. This is especially important if your garage is a multipurpose room where children play.

3. Promoting Creativity

Many homeowners use their garage as a workshop. In an area where glue, paint or heavy equipment is being dropped on the ground, it is important to have an insurance policy against permanent damage. By covering your garage floor, you are giving yourself a license to be as creative and active in your garage as it takes to get the job done!