3 Reasons to Install an Evaporative Air Cooler in a Greenhouse 3 Reasons to Install an Evaporative Air Cooler in a Greenhouse

Installing an evaporative air cooler in the greenhouse has become more popular over the years. Here are a few reasons why more and more people have opted to do this.

Reason 1 - Proven to Be a Great Conditioner

In the past, the evaporative cooler has proven to be a great help to the greenhouse when it comes to cooling. It is simple to use and it also is great for the earth and better then the typical air conditioner. This is because it uses water to circulate through the pads inside and cool down the air

Reason 2 - Swamp Cooling

The best part of the evaporative cooler is that it is known as the swamp cooler, and for a reason. The cooler uses moisture in the air so it also gives off a little bit of the moisture while it is working. When this happens, the plants in the greenhouse do not just get the cooling effect, they also get a watering effect too.

Reason 3 - Open Windows

This type of cooler differs from the air conditioner in that it needs a window to be open or the natural air to come in to work. This is a great part of having it in a greenhouse because you can still have great outdoor air access but also cool air and moisture.

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