3 Reasons to Make a Septic Tank Drain Field

A septic tank drain field is typically required for homes that reside in a non-urban settings or do not have access to a large public or privately managed sewerage treatment system. The field is an area of the yard that is dug specifically to receive the refuse and waste that comes from the home’s bathroom and sewerage system. It is needed to treat the raw sewerage from the home and prevent it from creating environmental and health problems for the homeowner.

Clearly the reasons for making a septic tack drain field are the lack of connection to a local government’s sewerage system, the need to treat raw sewerage and the need to store the treated raw sewerage until the septic tank can be emptied. Each of these reasons are discussed in more detail below and should be considered when you are faced with a situation where you are required to make a septic tank drain field for your home.

Lack of Connection to a Sewerage System

With the sprawl that results from urban development stretching into rural areas, not all communities have a direct connection to an urban center’s public sewerage system. This lack of connection means that the homeowner needs to make some arrangement, in order to treat and dispose of the waste material that they create.

Many communities, particularly those in areas that do not have a public sewerage hook up, have requirements for the construction and maintenance of a septic drain field. Making a septic drain field can help you meet any community requirements.

Need to Treat Raw Sewerage

A septic drain field is used to treat raw sewerage. The field uses a septic tank to separate toxins and other materials from the waste before it is deposited in the septic drain field. The particles that are separated in the septic tank can be disposed of later.

Need to Store Treated Raw Sewerage

The septic drain field takes the treated waste that is passed from the septic tank into a field where microbes are used to biodegrade the material and integrate it into the soil. This provides a natural fertilizer base that encourages plant growth as well as provides a safe and environmentally sensitive way of disposing of waste. This type of process can only be done in a septic drain field and is another reason why you need to consider making a septic field.

A homeowner who has access to a public sewerage or waste disposal system will not have a need for a septic drain field. As you become more and more removed from a regulated sewerage system however, this will become a consideration for you. A contractor will be able to suggest to you ways on which you can go about building a septic drain field as well as get you in contact with the individuals qualified to accomplish this requirement for you in keeping with local community standards and requirements.