3 Reasons to Put Felt on the Bottom of Each Sofa Leg

Putting felt on the bottom of each sofa leg on your couch is simple, fast and can save you a lot of trouble in the future. Simply remove the label at the back of the felt and stick them on the bottom of each leg of the sofa to ensure the following:

1. Easier to Move Around

Putting felt on the bottom of each sofa leg makes it easier for you to move the sofa, particularly on non-carpeted surfaces. Without felt, you will have to lift the entire couch each time you want to move it and you will require assistance. With felt, you can slide the couch alone.

2. Doesn't Scratch Flooring

Hardwood flooring is especially prone to scratches, which can be unsightly and difficult to buff out. Moving the sofa can cause scratches, but even just sitting on the sofa can cause the sofa legs to move slightly and scratches to appear on the floor. The felt on the bottom of each sofa leg will protect your flooring from scratches.

3. Even Out an Uneven Sofa

You actually don't have to put felt on the bottom of each sofa leg--or you can put more than one piece of felt on certain legs. When your sofa is uneven due to a difference in leg height, putting felt or additional felt under a slightly shorter leg, can make sitting in the sofa more stable.