3 Reasons to Replace a Gas Insert 3 Reasons to Replace a Gas Insert

Having a gas insert is a novel way to provide heat to your home. Unfortunately, it can also be a cause of concern and here are some reasons you should replace a gas insert.

1. It Uses Non-renewable Energy

Gas inserts uses natural gas to provide heat. Unlike wood or electricity alternatives, natural gas is not a renewable resource. What this means is that it is slowly running out and the world will eventually have to switch to alternative resources.

2. It Requires a Professionally Installed Chimney or Liner

Unlike it's wood counterpart, gas requires that your chimney has a stainless steel liner for safety reasons. The chimney also has to be very easy to clean and maintain. Build-up of monoxide carbon resulted from burning is a very serious concern to safety.

3. They Require Gas and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Because of the nature of these high efficiency burn inserts, they can become a risk by holding all the warm air and carbon monoxide in a room. The only way to prevent this is by installing detectors that you wouldn’t normally need if you weren’t using a gas insert.

4. The Alternatives are Safe

Using a fake style fireplace like a gel fireplace is safer for you, your family and your pets. They don’t require any detectors as they work on alcohol-based products. They last for hours and give the aspect of an authentic fireplace just as well as a gas insert.

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