3 Reasons to Replace Corner Guards 3 Reasons to Replace Corner Guards

One of the ways that manufacturer's have provided in protecting cabinet sets is through the use of corner guards. After several years these corner guards begin to wear and will need to be replaced. However, this is not the only reason that the corner guards should be replaced. If you are looking to do some work in your kitchen, here are some reasons to replace the corner guards on your cabinets.

1. Rusted or Scratched

This is mostly seen on cabinets that are near the sink or the stove. The steam from the water can rise and begin to work on the metal if there are any scratches. After awhile these corner guards begin to rust and cause the entire cabinet to look bad.

2. Kitchen Renovation

Some kitchen renovations only require some cosmetic work in order for them to look different without spending a lot of money. Changing the cabinet handles, pulls, color, and cabinet guards will not only change the look, but also change the atmosphere.

3. Hide Them

Metal corner guards are usually an eyesore to a homeowner who wants a seamless kitchen with clean lines. Plastic corner guards, and thin laminate pieces can both be used as corner guards that provide a way to hide the guards. The plastic is see through and the laminate is very thin.

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