3 Reasons to Replace Wooden Gutters

Wooden gutters are more of an architectural choice than a feasible option. Most buildings these days use rain gutters made of metal, plastic, concrete or stone. Here are 3 reasons wooden gutters are not a good option anymore and should be replaced.

1. High Cost of Maintenance

Wooden gutters were once been a common option, mostly because the building was made of wood as well. As technology advanced, wooden gutters have been abandoned because of the high cost of installation and maintenance. They need to be protected from rotting and because they are heavier, it is more labor-intensive to work with them. The professionals that work with wooden gutters are not as readily available as those that service the other types.

2. Rougher Water Flow

Any type of gutter has to be cleaned regularly. Flowing water will accumulate debris such as sand, dirt or leaves, which will have to be removed. The rough texture of wood, as opposed to metal or plastic, means that the water doesn't flow as well. This leads to dirt accumulating faster, which in turns requires even more maintenance.

3. Require Oiling or Painting

Wooden gutters have to be oiled and painted at least every other year. The oil is applied so that the water isn't absorbed and cause premature rotting. This is especially a problem at the seams and joints. The painting provides the same role and it is done with sealing paint, which helps keep the wooden gutters waterproof, but must be reapplied frequently.