3 Reasons to Use a Power Surge Protector in a Dorm Room

A power surge protector is an electronic device that protects equipment and appliances from damage from power surges. There are a number of reasons to use a surge protector in a dorm room especially, including:

1 - Protects Appliances from Power Surges

In dorms especially, the constant drain of power by hundreds, if not thousands, of residents can cause more frequent power surges than in other locations. With a power surge protector, your computer or laptop is less likely to be damaged and lose your coursework. You also won't have to buy new appliances broken by a surge in power.

2 - Allows You to Safely Plug in More Electronics at Once

Because dorm rooms are typically small, there are a limited number of electrical outlets. Using a power surge protector allows you to safely plug in multiple appliances through the same outlet-sometimes as many as five to six appliances at once.

3 - Allows You to Quickly and Easily Shut Off Multiple Electronics at Once

Leaving electronics plugged in drains power even when not in use and can contribute to a shorter lifespan of the appliance. It also can contribute to a higher utility bill, or if that's included in your tuition, a negative impact on the environment. Simply switch off the surge protector and all of the appliances plugged into it are turned off at once.