3 Reasons to Use Granite Tile Bullnose in Your Kitchen 3 Reasons to Use Granite Tile Bullnose in Your Kitchen

Using granite tile bullnose can present you with many advantages in the kitchen. When you install granite tile on your countertops, you will want to make sure that you put granite bullnose around the edges of the counter. Here are a few reasons that you should consider using granite tile bullnose in your kitchen area.

1. Professional Look

One of the biggest reasons to use granite tile bullnose in your kitchen is that it offers a very professional look. It gives it a finished edge that makes it look like a real granite slab. Your other options are to use a wood trim piece or some other type of tile piece to finish it off. Wood trim can look very cheap in comparison to the granite, and the other tile will make it appear like you pieced everything together. Although it might cost a little more for granite bullnose, it will be well worth the aesthetics that it provides. 

Using granite instead of another substance also offers a level of consistency with the countertop. You are not looking at two different colors or shades. Everything looks uniform, as long as you buy the bullnose at the same time that you buy the tile. 

2. Easier Cleaning

Another big advantage of using granite bullnose is that the cleaning will be a lot easier. This will provide you with a smooth edge to the countertop. Therefore, you can sweep food and crumbs off the counter very easily. With your other options, cleaning the counter will not be so convenient. For example, if you use wood trim, there will be a slight gap between the granite tile and the wood trim. Therefore, when you try to sweep off the countertop, food and crumbs will get stuck in the gap. This is unsanitary and very difficult to make it look good. If you want an easy-to-clean surface, you need to focus on granite bullnose, as opposed to the other options.

3. More Durable

Using granite bullnose will be much more durable than other types of edging that you could install. Granite is very hard and will be attached firmly to the side of the counter. Therefore, when people bump into it, it will not break off or damage easily. With wood trim, this will not be the case. Most of the time wood trim is nailed through the layer below the tile to adhere it to the edge of the counter. When you do this, it will not be held as firmly as the bullnose would be. There will also be a corner that you could potentially bump into and pull apart from the other pieces of wood trim. This often results in people pulling the edge of the wood trim off accidentally when they walk by. This will make your kitchen look very cheap and pieced together with whatever you could afford. 

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