3 Reasons to Use Only Natural Dyes when Staining Wood

Time and use can affect the physical appearance of wood, but if you want to maintain the quality of wood furniture, staining the wood is the practical solution. In doing this, it would be an advantage if you use natural dyes in the process. There are 3 good reasons for staining wood with natural dyes.

More Environment-friendly

Natural dyes can be made from plants and animals. No chemicals or toxic substances are included in the process.

 More Convenient to Use

They may come in liquid or powder form and can be mixed with water, alcohol, lacquer and oil. You can adjust and control its color concentration according to your needs.

A More Natural Look

Natural dyes can easily penetrate wood and enhance its tone and depth, at the same time maintaining its natural look. Wood surface is given good coverage and a more polished appearance.

Remember These Tips when Using Natural Dyes on Wood

  • Pre-wet the wood surface with the solvent you are using and let it dry.
  • Apply natural dye in as many coats as you want. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next one.
  • Apply sealant and allow it to dry. Sealant slows down the discoloration of wood color.

By following these tips when using natural dyes, your wood furniture will look good as new.