3 Reasons to Wrap a Window 3 Reasons to Wrap a Window

There are at least 3 reasons to wrap a window. Wrapping a window retains heat and prevents heat loss for your home. It can also provide an additional level of protection for your windows by reducing extreme changes in temperature, especially during cold weather months. Wrapping the window provides and additional seal that keeps blown objects from the outside from getting inside. Window wraps are an economical material that can be found in home improvement centers, hardware stores and other retailers that sell items for your windows.

There may be other reasons to consider window wrapping for your home. For the purposes of this article we will focus on these three reasons and discuss in general terms why it is important to consider wrapping your windows in order to save energy and cut down on the associated heating costs for your home.

1. Added Protection for Your Windows

Wrapping a window is a consideration that is taken seriously by homeowners that live in cold weather climates such as those in the Northeast and Midwest. The changes that can take place in temperature during the cold winter months warrants consideration of window wrapping to ensure that the home is kept warm and that the transfer of heat from the inside of the home to the outside of the home is kept to a minimum.

By reducing the amount of heat transfer taking place during the cold months of the year, less expansion and contraction of the glass and wood in the windows is taking place. This will lead (or should) lead to the windows lasting longer and not requiring replacement over a shorter number of years.

2. Lowering Energy Costs

With the reduction of heat transfer that takes place because of the window wrap that has been installed on your home's windows, it takes your heating system less energy to heat your home. The less energy that it takes for the furnace and other heating components to use the lower the cost of fuel necessary to power the appliance. This is true regardless of whether the fuel that is used to power your furnace is electricity, gas,or oil. You will spend less money to purchase the source fuel needed to operate your heating system and those savings will become evident as you look at you subsequent heating bills for the successive months after the window wrap has been installed.

3. Keeping Objects Out

A less apparent but important consideration is that the window wrap is an additional barrier for your windows that can keep blown objects from entering. This is another important consideration to take into account when considering wrapping your windows. Small particles of dirt and other debris looks for was to get into your home and create either a breathing hazard as part of the home's air or be an irritant when you come in contact with the particles. Having that additional barrier to block these small items from entering is another benefit derived from window wrapping.  

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