3 Reasons Your Flow Control Valve is Running Slow

When it comes to your flow control valve, there are a few reasons why it may be running slow. Here are a some things that you will want to keep in mind, to determine why your control valve may be malfunctioning.

Not Metered Correctly

In order to preform the regeneration on their own, many flow control valves are metered. This means that they work on demand and will send water back and forth when it is needed. It determines what time of the day that the cycle is preformed and which cycles are channeled. If the flow control valve is not metered correctly, you may find that the water is running unusually slow.

Worn Out

Many times, like other parts, the flow control valve will wear out, causing problems with the speed of the water running in and out. If this happens, then you can simply replacement the flow control valve.

Valve Size

Like many other things, you will need to size the flow valve to fit. If the size is wrong, you may find that the water is coming on our out too fast or slowly. To fix this problem, be sure to check the manual and replace it with the correct size valve for the model you have.