3 Reasons Your Lawn Sprinkler System Is Losing Pressure

Whether you just had it installed or it has been working for years, if you have a lawn sprinkler system, you may find a problem with the pressure. Consider the following reasons why you may be experiencing problems.

1 - Clogged or Backed Up

One of the most common reasons that the pressure goes down in a sprinkler system is that it has been clogged or blocked. It could be from the weather, lawn chemicals or even animals. Unclogging the system should help to get rid of the problem quickly.

2 - Broken Piece

When mowing the lawn or doing yard work, it can be hard to remember where the sprinklers are, which means you may run over or even break them. Lower pressure could mean that a fixture is bent or broken, not allowing the system to function properly.

3 - Loose Fixture

A loose fixture is an extremely common reason why the water pressure goes down in many lawn sprinkler systems. When a wire, fixture or hose is loose, you will find that the water can't move through the entire system as quickly and efficiently. Typically, you can fix this just by tightening something, or you can try using a wrench if you need to get inside a tight spot.