3 Roof Truss Design Tips 3 Roof Truss Design Tips

A roof truss is a triangular wooden construct that is used to support the roof. Even the smallest roof will have at least two or three trusses making up the roof. A roof truss is a highly stable and very strong wooden frame that is held together with nails or screws and plates used to connect the wood pieces that are made of metal. These metal plates are called connector plates.  The truss is what gives a roof its distinctive triangular shape. Below you will find a number of tips that you will find helpful when building roof trusses.


There is a saying in the construction industry that is especially popular with carpenters: Measure twice and cut once. If you measure twice, you will have less chance of making an incorrect cut and wasting material.

Determine Your Desired Pitch Before Building

In order to construct your trusses properly, you will need to know what degree of pitch, or slope, you want your roof to have. Once you know this, you can use math to determine the proper lengths to cut your material to when constructing the trusses.

Specifications and Codes

Before starting this type of project it’s very important to become familiar with specifications as required by your local building codes. Some of these specifications are as follows:

  • Wood used must be flame retardant.
  • Wood used must have certain moisture contents.
  • Strong-ties, or connector plates must be galvanized steel or some other rust resistant metal.

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