3 Rustic Lighting Ideas

A repurposed copper colander made into a light.
What You'll Need
Edison light bulb
Lighting cord
Wooden beam
Light bulbs
Lighting cord
2x2x6 wooden boards
Wood glue
2-3 feet of chain
Chandelier or Edison bulb
Lighting cord

If you’re trying to give your space that "wow" factor, changing the lighting fixtures can do wonders. Lighting changes the whole ambiance of a room. If you want the rustic look in your home and are willing to do it yourself, there are so many projects you can take on. Here are three lighting ideas that can give a room the rustic charm you’re craving.

1. Colander Pendant Light

It may sound strange, but when you turn over antique bowls or colanders they make the perfect shade for a light bulb. Try it out with this simple DIY.

1. Find a vintage colander from a thrift store or use one you no longer need in your kitchen.

2. Use a Dremel to drill a hole in the bottom of your colander. Make sure the drill bit you use is specifically for metal.

3. Attach an Edison bulb to a pendant light cord and string it through the colander hole you created.

4. Hang it in your home for a rustic touch. You can hang multiple colanders over a table or kitchen island for added charm.

2. Wooden Beam Light

A rustic wood light.

Image via idlights.

Strong and classic, beams have been gracing country homes for years. Now, people are hanging these bulky beams in mid-air above tables or kitchen islands.

1. Obtain a large beam from an old barn. If you have trouble finding one, you can always distress your own newer beam.

2. Drill holes large enough to fit light bulbs of your choice into your beam. You will want to purchase the bulbs first so you know how big to make the holes.

3. Drill small holes through each side of the beam big enough for rope to go through. You will be hanging the beam with these holes later in the process.

4. Wire the light bulbs through the beam, arranging the wires to lay flat on top so they are hidden once the fixture is hung.

5. Hang the beam using a sturdy rope, which you can tie through the drill holes on either side. Tie several knots in the rope to make it more secure.

6. Once your beam is hanging, you can wrap the cordage from the light bulbs around the rope to help it blend in.

3. Box-Framed Chandelier

This spin on a classic chandelier adds some country flair to the mix. The box is simple and clean, and the chandelier is so sophisticated that they make the perfect pair.

1. Start with several 2-inch by 2-inch wooden boards that are six feet long. Cut six of them in half. Once they're cut, the 12 pieces will make up the cube part of the box.

2. Use wood glue to put together a basic cube. Then clamp it as needed and wait for it to dry.

3. The next step is a little more complicated. Take another piece of the original cuts of wood and measure the distance from one corner to another, diagonally. Cut the wood so that it fits within the box. This wood will have 45-degree corners on each side.

4. Glue the diagonal slat in place and wait for it to dry. Continue the diagonals on the other three sides of the cube.

5. When making the other diagonal, you need to cut out the middle so it will fit around the first diagonal to make an x-shape. Glue the two pieces you cut in place and then let it dry. Repeat this for the other three sides.

6. On the top, you will need some way to attach a light. For this, you can measure out a beam running across the middle and glue it in place. Then you can drill a hole in the middle big enough to fit your desired light.

7. Once your box-frame is finished, you can stain the box a darker tone, or leave the natural wood look.

8. For the lighting portion of the chandelier, You can hang the box from a chain, and add an Edison bulb. For a fancier look, use a chandelier in the middle.