3 Rustic Window Ideas

There are at least 3 rustic window ideas for your home. You can attack pieces of wood bark to the trim to create a more rustic looking window frame. You may also consider taking a tree branch and twisting it into a spiral shape to frame your windows. These ideas can help give your home a more cabin like feel and help you achieve a rustic home look that you are looking for.

Add Antlers to a Window Frame

Take antlers that you find in an antique store or that have been shed in the woods by a deer, elk, moose or other antler bearing animal and use them to add to your window frames. Attach the antlers to the window frame using nails or wood screws to create the rustic look for your window frames that you are looking to accomplish. You can frame several windows throughout your home with as many antlers as you can acquire to create a consistent look throughout the entire home.

Adding Wood Bark to the Window Frame

Take pieces of firewood with the bark on or logs and trim them to create trim panels. Cut the bark trim panels to a thickness that is adequate to attach to your window frame. You can nail the bark trim alongside the window frames in your home. This will give the windows a bark frame that will give it a rustic cabin or lodge look. This design pattern can be repeated on other windows throughout your home to continue the rustic window frame theme throughout.

Create a Spiral Accent for the Window Frame

Take a long piece of wood branch and soak it in water. Leave the bark on the branch piece in order to maintain the rustic feel of the branch. After a period of time of soaking the wood in water, gently twist it into several spiral loops. The branch should be fairly pliable and easy to turn into the spiral shape. Once your create the desired spirals, attach the branch piece to the window frames of your home. This is another rustic accent that can be used to make your home look more like a cabin or lodge. This window treatment can be a fun project to engage in but it requires you to take your time and be patient so that you do not snap the branch.

Play with other ideas for using pieces of wood that you find to add a rustic feel to your window frames. The number of ideas for making window frames rustic go beyond those expressed in this article. The only limit to the number of rustic window frame ideas is the limit to your own creativity. Find sources of inspiration, including a visit to a rustic home or cabin to see how the rustic design can be incorporated.