3 Safety Tips for Auto Blinds

Auto blinds are a great window treatment that will automatically close with a touch of a button. This type of window treatment is much like regular window blinds, but are able to adjust automatically according to different conditions. Many people use automatic blinds in places that are hard to reach, over large great room windows, on skylights, and even between rooms. 

Different Materials

There are plenty of different materials that are available for auto blinds. They can be a sheer fabric, have plastic, or metal, slats, be made of sheer plastic film, and even be made of metal for added security. The type of material that your auto blinds are made out of is your choice when you purchase them. 

Hands Free Operation

Auto blinds can be programmed to automatically close and open according to certain parameters that you program it for. You can have the blinds close at a certain time of night or depending on the window temperature. The auto blinds can also engage to open at a certain time in the morning for letting in the morning sun before you wake up. Of course, you can also control the blinds yourself if you want more control.

Safety Is an Issue

When working with auto blinds there are some safety measures and considerations, that must be taken into account. Because they are automatic, there is a higher risk of injury to people if they are not careful around them. Many times auto blinds are used on windows that are large and let in a lot of light. This means that the blinds are going to be much larger than normal pull blinds that most people are used to. To help with the safety of auto blinds, here are a few tips to consider.

Keep Drapes Away from Blinds

When the automatic blinds start to either raise or lower into position, they can easily catch the drapes in the track, or along the folds, if they are too close. A good rule is to keep the drapes at least 4 to 6 inches away from any part of the auto blinds. This goes for the motor, the blinds, and the tracks. 

Keep Out of Reach of Babies

Automatic blinds should never be installed in a place where babies toddlers can reach them. They need to be out of reach of children so that their fingers do not get stuck in the blinds or the tracks when they engage. To help with this, you can do a few things to help keep children away from lower windows. One thing you can do is to put a piece of furniture in front of the window. You can also use some type of children's guard that will shield the blind from young hands.

Position Motor on Top

Another safety tip that should be followed is to position the motor assembly at the top of the blinds. Because of the chain and the gears that move when the motor begins to work, having the motor installed on the ceiling or at the top of your window will ensure that nothing gets caught in it.