3 Safety Tips when Removing Asbestos Wallboard

Removing anĀ asbestos wallboard can be dangerous to the health of you and your family if not done correctly. Follow these safety 3 tips in order to effectively remove asbestos from your home.

Appropriate Clothing

When removing asbestos, you should ensure that your body is fully covered. This means you will need a disposable painter's suit with feet attached, an eye mask, rubber gloves and boots. Once you are done, be sure to dispose of all this clothing to not contaminate any other areas of your home.

Prep the Work Area

Prepare the asbestos removal work area by completely sealing it off. Use thick plastic sheathing to completely cover the ceilings, floors, walls, doors, etc. It is also important to remove all furniture, rugs and other items that could become contaminated.

Helpful Tools

There are a variety of tools that can be very helpful in removing the asbestos. Use drop cloths, paint trays or dust pans to catch any asbestos that falls to the floor as you work. A putty knife is also a great tool to use to scrape tricky areas. After you have removed the asbestos, be sure to seal it in a waste bag that is clearly labeled as hazardous waste. Use a clean cloth or a spray tank and liquid detergent to wash the area thoroughly once all the asbestos is gone.