3 Saltbox Roof Design Tips

A saltbox roof is one that was popular in the Colonial era for its ease of construction and load bearing. This type of roof is one where there is a steep pitch that slopes towards the rear of the home. It has a one story rear of the house while the front is a two story. This design was used for many years, and still today, in some instances, mostly in sheds, outbuildings, garages, and workshops.

Design with Rooms in Mind

When you design a home with a saltbox roof you are going to be giving up a lot of interior room. Make sure that the rooms you have on the second floor are more towards the front of the house.

Flat Facing Chimney

One of the more distinctive features of a saltbox roof is the way that the chimney is facing. The flat front design helps to keep the integrity of the roof intact. The central location of the chimney is also a staple hallmark of this design.

Great for Sheds and Outbuildings

If you are planning a shed project for your outdoor equipment, a saltbox roof design is a great option to choose. Keep to a slope of 4 to 6 for a great look and stable construction.